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The lndexer is a fully automated rotating test head designed for lights out parametric test. lt can be configured with up to five VC20 probe cards, which are automatically installed onto the motherboard, making card changes complete in just seconds.

Depending on the testing program being run, all five cards can have the same pin layout, completely different layouts, or a mix of parametric and diagnostic cards.

The lndexer is powered solely by compressed air, so it can operate effectively inside a Faraday cage without affecting the electrical measurements. lt is fully programmable and is tested to hundreds of thousands of touchdowns, making it an ideal lights-out test system.



  • Configurable with up to five VC20 probe cards
  • Completely air-driven - no electrical interference
  • Fully programable
  • Card changes complete in seconds
  • Tested for hundreds of thousands of touchdowns

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