Rail System

Mechanical system allowing the flexibility of multi-site testing with adjustable site to site spacing

The Celadon Rail System allows multi-site testing capability with flexible die to die spacing using existing Celadon VersaTiles™ to minimize cost of test with new DUT structures. The modular design allows for additional site assemblies and rail assemblies to be added after the original system purchase. With the Celadon Light-Tight Enclosure and Rail System Tool, high accuracy alignment and testing can be performed at extreme temperatures without effecting the thermal equilibrium of the system.

Rail System Setup

Rail System site assembly

Rail System II


System Info


  • Celadon-mirrored polish on moving parts for minimized particle generation and wear over time with maximized alignment accuracy.
  •  Rail System integrates directly to prober platen.
  •  Compatible with most auto and analytical probers.

200 mm System Specs

  • Maximum of 9 sites recommended
  • X, Y, Z accuracy: ±5 µm
  • Stable Probing Temp: Ambient to 300 °C
  • Minimum Die Pitch X: 50 mm Y: 60 mm

300 mm System Specs

  • Maximum of 20 sites recommended
  • X, Y, Z accuracy: ±5 µm
  •  Stable Probing Temp: Ambient to 300 °C
  •  Minimum Die Pitch X: 50 mm Y: 60 mm
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