Keithley Nanovolt-/ Picoammeter

Low Voltage Meter (Nanovoltmeter)

  • Stable, low noise, voltage measurements
  • Also measures current, resistance, and temperature
  • Dual channels
  • Wide range of response times
  • Characterize low resistance materials and devices


Model 2182A


Data Sheet Keithley 2182A

Low Current Meter & Picoammeter Systems

  • Measure current to <1 fA
  • Voltage and resistance measurement options
  • Voltage burden <200 µV (most models)
  • 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 digit resolution (most models)
  • Feedback ammeter design for higher accuracy

High Resistance Electrometers & Ohmmeters

  • Measure low current & high voltage, resistance, and charge
  • Resistance measurements to 10 P ohm
  • Current sensitivity as low as 400 aA
  • Voltage burden as low as 200 µV
  • Superior accuracy and sensitivity

AC / DC Low Resistance Digital Multimeters

  • Resistance measurement ranges include 10 n ohm -100 M ohm
  • Resistance measurement sensitivity of 1 µ ohm or 100 n ohm
  • 3-1/2 digit to 7-1/2 digit resolution
  • Difference conductance measurements (622x/2182A)
  • Delta mode for low noise measurements (622x/2182A)




Model 2182A + 622X


Data Sheet 6220 / 6221


Data Sheet Keithley 2182A


Sensitive Electrical Measurements by comparison

Nanovoltmeter Picoammeters Electrometers Current Sources
Model Keithley 2182A Model Keithley 6485 Keithley 2502 Keithley 6514 Keithley 6517B Model Keithley 6220 Keithley 6221
2182A 6485 & 6487 2502 6514 6517B 6220 6221
Voltage Range 10mV bis 100V Current Meas. Range 20fA–20mA 15fA–20mA <1fA–20mA <1fA–20mA Current Range ±105mA ±105mA
Resistance Range 10nΩ bis 100MΩ Features 500V source (6487 only) 100V source/

10 fC -20 ?C charge measurements

±1kV source Features DC only AC and DC
-200°C bis 1820°C  
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