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The Lua Script Editor specially has been developed for TSP-Script and Lua-Script enabled devices in measurement and automation applications. This software works with KEITHLEY Instruments series 2600, 3700 and 2450. It’s also compatible with Lua Script ready devices of the MeasLab series, made by ATV GmbH. The Lua Script Editor allows developing of complex measurement and control sequences right on the test instrument itself. It provides easy to use functions to visualize and compute results directly at the computer.


The test program can be developed in the same language as the instrument (Lua / TSP-Script). It’s not needed to use other programming languages as C++/C# or Visual Basic.


Lua DiagrammThe test engineer now can easily develop a measurement scripts and GUI panels in the editor and run it in the provided runtime environment at the production line. The integrated GUI elements allow an easy to use test setup for the operator. Test results can be visualized directly in the GUI and saved to file as defined by the test engineer.


Product Information (German)


Sample Project (German)


Lua Fundamentals (German)


Package content

The system consists of the following components:

  • Lua Script Editor: An intelligent development environment for scripting test sequences, providing a GUI and visualizing test results
  • Lua Script Runtime Environment: Allows running the test scripts in operator mode without capability to modify the source code.
  • Lua RTE: This module enables every computer to become a Lua enabled device. E.g. this enables a Keithley SCS4200 to become a Lua programmable device that can be fully used with the Lua Script Editor


For easy start, the Lua Script Editor comes with a full library and samples for different measurement tasks. For example, measuring IV characteristics of a MOSFET are illustrated by using Keithley 2600 Series SMU.


Your benefit: Lua Script Editor is part of any purchase of a compatible measurement instrument at ATV. It’s also available as separate license for existing instruments.

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