Current-Voltage-Characterisation Suite

CVC Suite SoftwarepaketThe software package CVC Suite (Current-Voltage Characterisation Suite) has been developed for testing and characterization of electronic components and wafer structures. It is possible to realize simple and complex tasks which are implemented on the basis of test scripts. The operating control of the tests takes place through a graphical user interface.


The variability of the program is achieved through several specific programs, which together form a unit. It is not always necessary to install or use all the modules. The central part of the software is the RunTimeEngine (RTE). It is responsible for the execution of test plans and to control the hardware. Depending on the application, other software modules can be connected with the RTE.

CVC Suite SkriptThe test plans, which should be mapped, are created by using sequences. A sequence is the basic building block of a test plan. They can be created for each user and / or parameterized.The sequence contains the executable program code and the interface, so the code can be set. That leads on the one hand the opportunity for trained users to create a sequence on their own (Userdefined Test Sequence) and on the other hand users can only parameterize and run sequences. The test editor allocates a sequence library. This library (sequence template) can be extended with self-generated sequences by the user. Eine solche Bibliothek bietet den Vorteil, Bedienabläufe, die mit unterschiedlichen Parametrierungen wiederkehren, nacheinander in Testpläne einzubinden ohne die Sequenz neu erstellen zu müssen.


Data Sheet


Key Features

  • Control of GPIB and Ethernet devices such as K24xx, K26xx K237, etc
  • Pre-defined scripts for IDDQ, parametric measurements, WLR, NBTI, HCI
  • Many mathematical functions
  • Configurable online visualization / analysis
  • Integrated wafercontrols, wafer map and binning
  • Reporting, Data Converter
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