Measmatic Software

  • Control of GPIB and Ethernet devices such as K24xx, K26xx K237, etc
  • Pre-defined scripts for parametric measurements with up to 4 pole devices
  • Many mathematical functions
  • Configurable online visualization / analysis
  • Integrated control of wafer prober, wafer map and binning
  • MPI Sentio ® Connectivity

The software package Measmatic was developed for testing and characterizing electronic components and wafer structures. It can be used to implement both simple and complex tasks, which are implemented on the basis of test scripts. The control of the tests is done via a graphical user interface.

A sequencer in the software environment allows a structured sequence of test sequences. In this case, loop and branch structures are possible. The test sequence can be LUA scripts, Pythonscripts and C # programs. The LUA scripts are loaded directly onto the gauges, which allows exact timing with a high processing speed.


With this variability of programming, all essential interfaces for device programming can be provided.





Measmatic can be controlled using a freely programmable user interface (GUI) and also remote commands. The generated data can be displayed graphically and in tabular form on the screen in real time, as well as stored via existing and freely definable data converters.


Measmatic comes with a variety of ready-to-use device drivers, which simplifies programming; e.g. all LUA-enabled Keithley devices, oscilloscopes, pulse generators, wafer probe system, etc.


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