Design Validation and IC Engineering

When performing measurements for IC engineering and design validation, engineers are challenged by the need for system configuration changes such as exchanging test instrumentation (such as DC and RF power sources and meters, oscilloscopes, and/or VNAs). Compounding the issue is measurement over temperature, impedance, frequency ranges, etc.


The flexible design of MPI Engineering Probe Systems supports DC, triaxial and RF Chucks from 50 to 300 mm sizes with wide temperature ranges, entry-level and high-end DC and RF MicroPositioners, single-tube microscopes and Optic options with wide working distances, provide the ideal solution for any measurement need and budget capabilities.


MPI's complete solutions for RF Probes provide the perfect environment for precision RF measurements and calibrations up to 110 GHz by employing MPI's calibration software QAlibria™ and MPI RF and Microwave probes. Dual ASP probes with GSGSG and GSSG is the ideal choice for the measurement mmW differential ICs. MPI also offers broadband active probes with replaceable probe tips and high input impedance for precise oscilloscope measurements.

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