Failure Analysis (FA)

Root cause identification of failing devices (e.g. field returns or new designs) is very important for all semiconductor manufacturers and design houses. There are several major parts in this process:

  • Verification of electrical, functional failure based on leakage or simple open/short measurements
  • Failure localization with typical hot spot and emission analysis, laser cutting and internal node probing down to submicron level
  • Physical failure analysis based on submicron probing or on SEM, TEM, EDX, AFM tools


Such complex of measurements and investigations leading to the final failure identification or root cause analysis, is essential for any IC process development. Micro-motion analysis is one additional set of measurements on wafer level, specifically related to MEMS devices.


MPI Test Solutions for FA applications come with everything needed to achieve accurate measurement results in the shortest time, with maximum confidence. The highly stable Engineering Probe Systems and highly accurate MicroPositioners provides best solution for electrical failure verification, localization and debugging. With the vibration isolated environment and wide zoom microscopes provide the ability to probe the structure as small as one micron.


Simultaneous use of probe cards and MicroPositioners (DUT driving & internal signal measurements), innovative state-of-the-art measurement technologies and even probing of very small signals inside temperature controlled (down to -60°C), light-tight and EMI-shielded test environment with TS200-SE are just a few examples of MPI on-wafer offerings for a complete FA test system.


MPI TS150, TS200, TS300 and TS200-SE wafer probe system is easily configured with emission microscopes to detect and localize the IC failures. In addition, the TS150/TS200-HP probe systems are ideal choice for the equivalent analysis of High Power devices up to 10 kV and 400 A.

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