RF Probe Calibration Substrates

Variety of calibration substrates are available to address specific application needs of the on-board and the on-wafer RF and microwave measurements.


The RF4-based calibration boards include microstrip open, short, load, and thru standards of a similar design to custom PCB test coupons. Thus, the calibration conditions are set as close as possible to the DUT measurement conditions, while the calibration accuracy is significantly improved by MPI-controlled quality of standards.


The AC-series of calibration substrates offers up to 26 sets of standards for wafer-level SOLT, LRM probe-tip calibration for GS/SG and GSG probes. Five coplanar lines provide the broadband reference multiline TRL calibration as well as accuracy verification of conventional methods. Right-angled reciprocal elements are added to support the SOLR calibration of the system with the right-angled configuration of RF probes. The calibration substrate for wide-pitch probes is also available.


MPI Probe Selection Guide




AC-2 Manual





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AC-5 Manual



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